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Well, here’s what we were up to this week!

Signing and Notarizing....

Chris is having way too much fun with this!

Thanks to our awesome friend (and notary!), Courtney, for helping us with our dossier paperwork! We’re working on getting everything ready while we’re waiting for the home study revisions.  That way, as soon as our home study is ready, we can send our registration dossier off to Russia ASAP! We’ve notarized everything that can be notarized so far. We’ll have one final piece to notarize after our home study is complete.  Then, it has to be apostilled! (Don’t worry, I’d never heard of that before this adoption process either)! What’s an apostille, you ask?  “An “apostille” is a form of authentication issued to documents for use in countries that participate in the Hague Convention of 1961.”  Basically, the apostille affirms to Russia that the document is legit.  Here’s the kicker: In Idaho, each apostille costs $10.  That doesn’t sound too bad…except for the fact that once you take into account each document that we have to apostille, it totals up to over 90 documents!!!! Over $900 just to certify that all of our documents are legit.  Yikes! Anyone wanna buy a  puzzle piece? If you think about it, each puzzle piece represents just one apostille! :)

So….notarizing was sooooo three days ago…..Here’s what I’m up to today!

Ohhhhh, Mater!

That’s right….Mater…..the dog…. Russia needs to know that my tiny, 10-lb little Rat Terrier is current on his vaccinations. Kinda ironic if you know much about our family :) Our home study worker just received our home study back from our international agency with the additions and revisions that it needs.  One of them: We need your dog’s vaccination records. I immediately picture the little tan folded medical record that we keep for Mater.  The only problem is I have combed the ENTIRE HOUSE and can’t find the stupid thing! Really? I can picture it in my head, I swear we kept it in the file cabinet, but it is nowhere to be found! So now I’m going to spend the next little while calling the various veterinarians that Mater’s been to so I can recreate his vaccination records.  Then, tonight will probably involve a trip to D&B to purchase the shots that he needs boosters for. Oh, joy!

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