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Impatiently Frustrated!

I am having a very impatient week!!! Just when I think we’ve covered everything for the home study, something else pops up! *However*, I’ve been assured that this last task is The. Final. Task.! Please cross your fingers for us!  I think I might implode if I hear, “Oh, oops! There’s one more piece of information I need from you…” one more time…

Here’s where we’re at: I’m awaiting a phone call from our doctor to get some medical questions answered.  Once I get this information, I can email our home study worker just to let her know that we had the conversation…and THEN, she can email the home study draft to our international agency for their review. Phew! It’s possible that I will receive the phone call today, but it might not be until Monday.  It’s not really that big of a deal, but it feels like this has been the story of our home study…waiting just one, two, three more days here and there and it all adds up so fast!

Once our international agency reviews the home study, they’ll have their coordinator in Russia review it.  Once they’ve both reviewed it, I”m sure it’ll have to go back and forth between them and our home study worker once or twice for revisions.  That, I am totally prepared for…that is part of the deal.  But this teasing business about having everything she needs and then needing more information three times over is soooo frustrating!

Well, thanks for the vent! Send positive thoughts our way! At least it’s Friday…that always makes me smile! :) AND I get to spend the afternoon with my niece and nephew! They’re so much fun, and I love watching these four cousins play together. They always have a blast together and it fills my heart with love and joy to have them over!

Have a good weekend everybody!

One Response to “Impatiently Frustrated!”

  1. Jamie says:

    Praying for you, Brandi! I am sure that must be so difficult. I enjoy your updates, even if you do need to vent!