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I hope you’re all planning to come see us at Parktacular tomorrow! The event is from noon to 6pm at Settler’s Park, Meridian. What is Parktacular? Go here for details:  http://895ktsy.org/parktacular/

Also, check out this post for more information about what we’ll be doing at Parktacular.

Basically, we have three different ways you can help us out tomorrow:




We’ll be collecting spare change for our “Can You Help Us Change Her Life?” campaign.

Bring all your extra quarters, dimes, nickels; every penny helps! :)





2. So, I’ve spent the last 2 days sewing like crazy and I’m really excited about these adorable pillowcases!

The fringe edge is what makes these so unique!

Isn't this sooo adorable?!











We’ll be selling them tomorrow! We have several different prints for boys and girls!

They’re all made out of flannel and/or fleece so they’re super soft and comfy!

Only $8.00 each!


3. We’ll be bringing our puzzle fundraiser! Check out all the details HERE.

Check out our progress so far!

We’ve sold 15 pieces so far! Hopefully we’ll be able to put a big dent in the puzzle tomorrow! (Ignore the chip in widget in the corner for now. I know it only says 10 but I can’t manually update it. After Parktacular, I’ll be creating a new graphic that I’ll update myself to show our progress)

I’m so excited  and can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow! Each big event like this brings us this much closer to Bringing Home our Baby Sister! Thank you so much for being a part of this amazing story God is writing in our lives!

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