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As many of you know, we held our first adoption fundraiser this week!!! It went great!! I hosted a Premier Designs jewelry party at my house with Deanna Bartlett.  I first met Deanna about a year ago.   Her mom attends my church and invited me to a jewelry party at her home.  Since then, I’ve been invited to several Premier parties hosted by various friends from church, but I hadn’t attended one until several weeks ago when my friend, Anna, invited me to hers.  Knowing that we plan on hosting a silent auction fundraiser sometime in the future, I thought it would be a good idea to host my own jewelry party and use the free jewelry I would receive (which is a TON of jewelry when you have a Premier party) for our silent auction.  I scheduled a party with Deanna and inquired as to whether Premier did any sort of fundraising.  I told her about the adoption and she was super excited.  We decided to go for it and have an adoption fundraiser and Deanna donated 100% of her profits from our show to our adoption fund!!! I was over the moon excited and felt so blessed! Deanna is truly an angel!

There were about 15 guests in attendance at the party and we had a great time! So far, we’re up to almost $400 in our adoption fund strictly from jewelry sales, and we still have orders coming in! We are raffling off two certificates for $50 in free jewelry.  The first one went to Chanci, and the second winner will be announced once the party is closed next Wednesday.

Thank you so much to everyone who was able to attend! We appreciate you all so much and feel so blessed to be surrounded by such supportive friends and family! A special thank you to Deanna for donating her profits to our adoption! You are amazing!

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